But Can It Hold Up Beer Cans?: A NES Table

September 9, 2010


Sorry for the slightly late start today folks, I got up at 4AM to drive to LAX and back so if I seem like a crackhead it's because I bought some on the way home. OMG I can totally see how people get hooked on this shit aside, this is a NES console coffee table lovingly crafted by Matt. Matt who? Matt Nunjabiz. I'm serious, stop asking questions.

"Opening the lid reveals the storage for the controller, or even can store remote controls and game controllers in there for easy access/storage," Matt tells Kotaku. "The controller ports are actually two power outlets so I can plug in my laptop to charge."

Great job Mack, I'll give you $30 and a stack of milk crates for it. And -- AND -- throw in anything you want from my neighbor's that I can grab during the time it takes him to walk his dog. Just sayin', I think I saw a bong by the couch.

Hit the jump for several more pictures and a video of the coffee table in action if coffee tables actually did things besides just sitting there holding up beer cans.




Behold! The Nintendo Entertainment System Coffee Table [gizmodo]

Thanks to Aaron, who was going to build a Genesis coffee table until he realized the irregular surface would make a terrible place to set beer bottles and abandoned ship.

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