Boy You So Retro!: Etch-A-Sketch iPad Case

September 21, 2010


Etch-A-Sketch, realizing they're in bad shape since kids would rather play video games than sketch sad looking wieners in metallic dust, has lent its name to an iPad case that looks like the iconic doodlebox. What, no Woolly Willy case?!

Now, the Worlds Favorite Drawing Toy®, the Etch A Sketch®, and the world's most revolutionary product, the iPad, have come together in the form of Headcase's officially licensed Etch A Sketch® iPad case. Celebrate Etch A Sketch®'s 50th anniversary and be the coolest kid in the conference room!

Oh I'm gonna be the coolest kid in the conference room alright, and I don't even need an Etch-A-Sketch iPad case. Shit, or an iPad. Just a sweet pair of shades and case of beer. Alright, what do you say we get this party started -- somebody ready the minutes from the last meeting. "10:00 GW gets fired for drinking on the job again. 10:02 GW sets fire to a wastebasket and threatens to burn the building down. 10:05 GW rehired. 10:10 Meeting adjourned". Haha, I remember that. What do you say -- same thing again?

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Official Etch-a-Sketch Case Won't Help You Draw Stairs On The iPad [nerdapproved]

Thanks to Susan, who drilled a hole in her Etch-A-Sketch and huffed all the aluminum dust. Well? How was it?!

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