Boba Fett Brand Space Rum (But Not Really)

September 11, 2010


I'm pretty sure this picture is old but I thought it was relevant anyway because I've been drinking a lot of rum lately (it makes me feel like a pirate!). You see, I found two bottles stashed in my roommate's dresser while I was looking for a shirt I'm convinced he stole. I'd never seen anal beads in real life before aside (maybe you'll reconsider taking my stuff now!), this is Boba Fett brand space rum. It'll get you drunk! Plus have you dancing on the bar at Mos Eisley quicker than you can say "HOLY SHIT -- THE HANDSOME DEVIL IN THE CORNER JUST SHOT THAT ALIEN UNPROVOKED!"


Thanks to Aidzo, who always shoots first and asks questions later makes a quick exit.

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