September 10, 2010


Granted he does look like the unabomber, but still. You can't go busting every photographer taking a picture of an airplane. Next thing you know we won't even be able to skateboard at the mall! Oh, right. Per some people that're pissed off about the poster:

"A lot of my friends like to take pictures," writes Erin McCann, a blogger at WeLoveDC. "Sometimes, we even like to take pictures of things like airplanes. You might call us hobbyists, photo enthusiasts, or just photographers. But now, thanks to a new campaign from the Transportation Security Administration, there's something else you can call us: terrorists."

The TSA's "Blogger Bob" acknowledged on Wednesday that perhaps the poster "didn't go far enough in distinguishing between general photography and suspicious surveillance activity."

"Bob" also seemed to realize that it probably wasn't smart for the TSA to tick off photographers, "since they're extremely observant of their surroundings" and could actually help the administration spot genuine suspicious activity.

It's a camera bro, not a missile launcher. And if he DID have a missile launcher I still wouldn't call the authorities because I'd give him the ol' redneck ejector seat instead (read: jam it up his ass and pull the trigger). Now I know what you're thinking, "holy craps -- why isn't GW the Director of Homeland Security?!" And I'd like to answer your question with another question: did you know I'm a felon?

TSA Campaign Targets Photographers in Hoodies [wired]

Thanks to Tracey and j the brain, who agree the real terrorists at the airport are the restaurants charging $10/beer. WHY DO YOU HATE OUR COUNTRY?!

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