Baby Got Back!: Humpback Dino Discovered

September 10, 2010


Because a person's dino knowledge is inversely proportional to age and that makes me the saddest man on the planet, here's some dino news in hopes of reversing the trend. Remember folks: knowledge is power. And power = LASERS. *pew pew* I'm learning! *pew pew* This is a humpbacked dinosaur recently discovered in Spain. Mmmm, looks like something to hold on to while you're hittin' it, amirite?! No I'm not, it looks like a tumor.

The new find has jaws and small, clawed forelimbs that bear a resemblance to the Tyrannosaurus rex which belongs to a different dinosaur family.

But all similarities end with the spine, which is astonishingly curved and has a small hump, Professor Escaso said.

"It is the first time we have ever seen a structure like this on the spine of a dinosaur, although it is common on some animals today, such as cows," Professor Escaso said.

"At the moment, the function of this structure is unclear. We believe that the animal was not diseased because the spine shows no sign of being cracked or broken, we think it is a feature of this species. One hypothesis is that it was a reservoir of fat."

The new species has been named Concavenator corcovatus, from "Conca," the Latin word for Cuenca; "venator," for hunter; and "corcovatus," or hump-backed.

Listen, I don't care what it was for just as long as I can sit on it. What? Oh like you've never barebacked a camel before! Wait a minute -- you've, uh, never commando-barebacked a camel before? It's really a sensual experience.

Remains found in Spain of 'bizarre' dinosaur with a hump on its back [theaustralian]

Thanks to david, ben, Jordan, Divo, Kris, bob and Spikey DaPikey, who know what the GW likes! (banging dinos FYI)

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