Are You A Prince?: Tiny-Ass 'Micro-Frogs'

September 1, 2010


Researchers working in Borneo recently discovered a new species of micro-frog that only grows to the size of a pea. Scientists previously thought they were a juvenile version of another species, but those scientists are dumb and ought be ashamed of themselves. Pfft, and you call yourself herpetologists. You probably don't even like turtles!

The tiny amphibians - catchily dubbed Microhyla nepenthicola - measure between 10.6-to-12.8mm long and were found in the Kubah National Park.

While specimens are already held by many museums around the world, they have previously been misidentified as juveniles of other species.

Now scientists say the frogs are a distinct micro-species and the smallest frogs found anywhere in found in Asia, Africa or Europe.

This reminds me -- have you ever heard a girl use the quote, "you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince"? Because that's pretty whore-y. That said, I did travel to Borneo to see if one of these little buggers would turn out to be my prince. Sadly no, but I did get several stuck between my teeth!

New pea-sized frog species discovered in Borneo [newslite]

Thanks to Kristen P. who made a mistake, kissed a snake, and died with a stomach ache. F***ing tragic.

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