Amazing Real Life Excitebike, Plus Video!

September 7, 2010


Justin Harder (sessy name!) went and built himself a real-life Excitebike. Okay, a bicycle that looks like a motorcycle that looks like one from the game of the same name. Plus there's a video-reenactment of a race! You should watch it, you won't be disappointed! Ooooor maybe you will be. But does that make you high maintenance and undate-able? Absolutely. Have fun dying alone, prissy-pants!

Hit the jump for a very worthwhile short and a link to Justin's Flickr with a TON of build pics.

Justin's Flickr
Gamer Builds Real-Life Excitebike Motorcycle [techeblog]

Thanks to Paul and kipperoo, who used to build their own levels with nothing but speed-boosts and the really big jumps. Awh yeah!

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