All The New Pokemons In A Single Picture

September 17, 2010


Note: There are 156 new species. Obviously, this isn't all of them. Hit the jump to see the entire graphic. Plus bonus video!

As many of you probably know, I'm not allowed to play Pokemons anymore on account of them making me worship earth spirits and set my grandparents' house on fire. But I can still look at pictures of them. These are all of the 156 new, 5th generation species from Pokemon Black and White (just released in Japan, coming west early next year). As you can see, there's, uh, Bambi, a Poe from the Zelda universe, and a Siamese ice cream cone. Admittedly, there are several that I like, but most are pretty booboo looking if you ask me. "But I didn't ask you, GW." Hoho, a challenger appears!

Hit the jump for more monsters than you can shake a Pokeball at.


One Big-ass Picture of All 156 New Pokémon [albotas]

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