Adding An i Is Still Cool?: The KFC iTwist

September 14, 2010


No, despite what Apple may have convinced their minions, it's never been cool. ESPECIALLY NOT FOR F***ING CHICKEN WRAPS. But did that stop KFC? Hell finger-lickin' no!

Strapped for cash but sick and tired of the same old cheap eats? Remix your value menu routine with KFC's new iTwists - delicious, snack-size wraps packed with KFC's famous chicken and exciting flavor for only 99¢! Each iTwist features a 100% all white meat Extra Crispy strip, fresh lettuce, and a blend of 3 cheeses, all wrapped up with a signature sauce in a colorful, flavorful tortilla.

Try one of our 2 new iTwists today for only 99¢ each!
• Kickin' Jack - Sundried Tomato Tortilla and Spicy Pepperjack Sauce
• Sweet n' Spicy - Cheddar Tortilla and Sweet n' Spicy Sauce

My God that sounds delicious aside, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess KFC's marketing team is a bunch of out-of-touch iDiots. See what I did there?! Haha, you should be embarrassed for me!

Official Site (iTwist currently only available in limited test markets)

Thanks to Mark IV, who -- what are you, number 16? I've never been good at letter numbers.

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