Just Keep Her, Please!: Fat Princess IRL

September 11, 2010


Note: Uncensored picture is after the jump but cannot be unseen and will almost certainly pop into your head the next time you're trying to perform for a lady. You have been warned.

I don't know how many of you have played Fat Princess for the PS3 but it's kind of addictive in a "I just got home drunk and can't play anything too complicated" sort of way. And this is what it would look like in real life: Sir Eat-A-Lot brandishing a not-so-broad sword to protect his princess, who, from the looks of things, has burst from her clothes like a potato in the microwave. God, please tell me there are poster prints available.

Hit the jump and say goodbye to vision.


Classy Portrait [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Colin, who was convinced that was me for a second. Dude -- I rock a battle axe.

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