A Peek Inside The Plumber: Mario's Anatomy

September 22, 2010


Ever wonder what Mario looks like on the inside? Jesus, you're a braver wonderer than I am. But if you have, consider yourself lucky, because here's a peek at the plumber's plumbing courtesy of anatomical artist extraordinaire Jason Freeny. As you can see, there's nothing really out of the ordinary going on. Some pretty serious finger bones, that's about it. I thought for sure if you cut him open half-chewed mushrooms would spill out all over the place. And I'm not talking about the "magic" kind that allow you to SEE music, but I did watch Europe's 'The Final Countdown' dance around in front of my face once. SO F****ING EPIC. Then the couch tried to trap me between two cushion and things went south quick.

Moist Productions (Jason's website)

Thanks to Alexander, who's great.

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