6 Is Never Enough: Guy Gets Avatar Tattoo #7

September 28, 2010


Note: Two super high-res shots HERE (full back) and HERE (closeup).

I know some of you don't care because you can't appreciate the finer more permanent things in life, but I'm obsessed with Avatar tattoo guy (you Albertans must really be proud!). And not just because of his exquisite tricep hair, but you've got to admit I'm not the only one who wants to rub his face on the back of those arms! My God that hair looks pubic aside, guy just got Neytiri tat #7 (lower middle, with bow & arrow) completed, and boy does it look good kind of like her.

Hit the jump for a non high-res closeup.


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Thanks to Steve, who's waiting to see how the whole thing turns out before casting judgment. Me? I cast judgment like stones: first, and usually with a nasty message rubber banded around it.

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