40 Gallons To Freedom: DIY Wine Machines

September 16, 2010


Let's face it: the French love their wine (Me? I love other peoples'). And can you blame them? It's like bitter grape juice for adults. Plus -- PLUS -- and here's the real kicker -- it'll get you drunk. I vaguely remember one time I drank two bottles by myself and woke up in the laundry room with a ribbon of drier sheets tied around my head. I assume I was playing Rambo aside, this is a self-service wine machine from France. Bet I could go 20 seconds with the tap in my mouth!

Wine culture in France is no longer just about leisurely meals in cute little Parisian cafes. Nope, these days the French are loading up on inexpensive self-service wine, which they pump into bottled water containers from 1,000-liter wine dispensers. Sophisticated!

Five hundred of these industrial-looking machines are now in French supermarkets. And don't worry, American fellow who also wants to get sloshed on cheap vino, the self-service wine dispensers that have taken France by storm will soon be headed for these shores.

Count me in. You know how annoying it is uncorking bottles at the grocery store just so you can get a little drinky while you shop? Very. Especially if you already chugged a bottle in the cab on the way there. Haha, what do you mean, "who the hell takes a taxi to the grocery store?" I JUST TOLD YOU I DO.

France Kicking Our Asses in Wine Vending Machines [asylum]

Thanks to Celest and sarah, who lined their trunk with plastic wrap and planned on filling the whole thing but gave up when they couldn't back the car through the sliding doors (plus Celeste ran over a buggy).

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