Yow Yow!: Princess Peach Pin-Up, Now With 8-Bit Head And Mushroom Tramp Stamp!

August 11, 2010


We all knew Princess Peach was hot, but did anybody know she was this smokin'? God, just look at those perfectly square lips. If I had Mario's little 8-bit penis I would be all over that. But, thankfully for my love-doll, I do not. Do I, Patches? Patches -- WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR ARM?! Haha, I tore it off last night to give myself a HJ? Yeah that sounds like me.

pluckylump's DeviantART
A Peach Of A Tramp Stamp [kotaku]

Thanks to 65W of Pure Power, who's already printed her out and hung her up by his toolbox in the garage.

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