You're Nuts: Crazy Guy Talking About Elves

August 23, 2010


This is a video of some lunatic talking about elves and how you can attract them with pineapples and chopsticks and a million other things he came up with in his LSD-riddled mind. Say -- did you know elves are the official caretakers of the unicorns? I'm not even kidding, he says that. Too bad we all know it's actually the forest nymphs, hack! Captain Crazy also made a video where he shifts his focus to leprechauns, which I took the liberty of embedding after the jump as well. You know, just in case eight minutes of elf-rambling isn't enough for you. Which let's be honest, never is. Do Smurfs next you crazy f***!

Hit the jump for more crazy than you can shake an elf-attracting chopstick at.

Admiral Brown Acid's Youtube Channel

Thanks to kipperoo and Miss Bowser, who're smart enough to know you can't attract elves, you have to find them. Two words: Keebler factory.

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