Why Haven't I Ever Seen Anything But #2's?

August 20, 2010


#2 like pencils, not #2 like you're gonna go in your jammies when I jump out of your closet tonight. Which I am going to do. You know, or get drunk and pass out on the bus again. I think somebody licked my face last time! Steamy public transportation romance aside, I want numbers 10 and 12. Oooh -- and a number 7 with onion rings instead of fries and NO ICE in my coke. Or baby laxative. I'm trying to party tonight, not have to #2 in a bar bathroom.

The Other Pencil Numbers [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Julie and omnicron, who only write with crayons because they like all the color options. Suuuuure you do (you've been eating them and I know it!).

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