When Fanboy/Fangirl Unite: An iPad Wedding

August 19, 2010


These are pictures from some couple's wedding. Whose? Katie and Aaron's. What's so special about Katie and Aaron? Their wedding ceremony (link NSFW) was officiated entirely by iPad. Why? I dunno, maybe they don't care if it lasts or not. NOW STOP ASKING QUESTIONS.

Katie and Aaron got married in the beautiful outdoor setting in Oceanside and can we take a break from the iPad porn and just talk about how AMAZING Katie's outfit is. She made all of that herself.

Geez, what are you, EpisciPadians? Get it?! Like Episcopalians, except you worship Steve Jobs. Don't eat the Apple, Katie, he'll kick us out of the garden! Also, don't ever venture past the tomatoes, I'm growing holy weed back there.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures from the ceremony, including a MacBook, iPad and iPhone trifecta.





iPad pronounce you man and wife! [offbeadbride]

Thanks to Miranda, who's gonna get married on the moon because she's a classy spacebroad.

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