Wait, An Actual Useful Infographic? Get Out!

August 27, 2010


Note: This is only a small portion of the useful info, click HERE to see the whole life-changing thing.

Finally, an infographic that might actually change my life. Granted it won't, but still, it could. I mean, if I weren't such a deadbeat. How about number one there, the hanger idea -- that's pretty good, right? Well it would be if all my clothes weren't in a pile on the bathroom floor. I call it my nest, and it's where I sleep at night. Bathmat pillow aside, don't you dare judge me. I don't judge you, do I? Yes, I do actually, I'm very judgey. Anyway, read the graphic, learn some shit, then get out there and get life hacking! But a word of warning: don't go overboard, bricking = certain death.

35 Life Hacks You Should Know - Infographic [theirtoys]

Thanks to JustGil, CONOR and Ralph, who are so good at hacking their lives the government asked them to explain how they did it. You know what they said? Uh-uh -- no way Jose.

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