Vulcan Neck Pain: Today's Work Safety PSA Brought To You By Spock And Uhura

August 5, 2010


I lay in bed all day with a laptop burning my genitals so I don't have a neck-craning problem when it comes to viewing my monitor. No, what I have is a giant gut in the way which is why I've learned to read the screen upside-down and backwards using the sex-mirror I double-sided taped to the ceiling. Constant headaches aside, maybe you sit on a throne with your monitor perched atop a TV-dinner stand. That's not good for your posture. You should learn a thing or two from Uvula here and adjust your seat for maximum bodily comfort. That way you don't turn into Quasimodo later in life. I don't care what Disney says, nobody loves a hunchback.

Don't be a Spock - Adjust your monitor height [xadamdx]
Don't Be a Spock, Follow Uhura's Monitor Example [gizmodo]

Thanks to Joseph and picador, who don't ever experience neck strain because they have computer monitors in their sunglasses. What they do experience is accidentally masturbating in public.

  • mickalawam0

    The Crane stand was designed with the highest quality standards in mind. The people behind the Crane Stand are DJs and musicians ourselves, and a few years back after surveying the marketplace we weren’t happy with the adjustable laptop stands available so we decided to build our own.

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