Use Correct Postage, Luke: X-Wing Mailbox

August 13, 2010


And you thought your mailbox was cool. Painted ducks aren't cool, X-wing fighters are cool. I love getting packages!

This little picture doesn't do the five-foot wing span of Craig Smith's X-Wing mailbox justice.

I made this so long ago, it is actually in need of weathering repairs and repainting. I never expected it to survive vandalism or theft for half a decade. But at five feet long and a five foot wingspan, theft would be quite difficult. Everybody from letter carriers to pizza delivery go out of their way to say how much they like it. There is a street about 10 miles away where older guys have a mailbox rivalry with custom car, firetruck and airplane mailboxes, I should mail them a photo.

Five-foot wingspan, good God! I'm honestly surprised Galactic vandals haven't beat the wings off this thing yet. Or are you Jedi mind-tricking them all? "This is not the maibox you're looking for." Chill out man, we're just here selling candy bars for a school fundraiser. Oh -- and cinch the robe bro, your lightsaber's peepin'. I'm serious, I can see it. Purple like Mace Windu's.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots.



The Nerdiest House On the Street Has an X-Wing Mailbox [uberreview]

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