There's Bad Fashion, And Then There's This

August 19, 2010


A handbag made to look like a little wiener with giant danglies. And if you think there isn't a butthole sewn on the back you have another thing coming! (Namely, a picture of a butthole sewn on the back).

I was tickled all shades of pink when I saw this intentionally perverse bag by UK-based Andy Bates (made especially for one very lovely, albeit wildly eccentric, Grayson Perry). Not only did he manage to make something as unattractive as hairy testicles look surprisingly haute couture, he managed to add whimsy (namely the flower-shaped anus and silver Prince Albert bell) to make this my new favorite bag

NEW FAVORITE BAG? What are you, nuts for nuts?! I'm sorry, but my favorite bag remains the canvas kind with a big $ printed on the side. Because I'm classy. Back me up here, Mr. Monopoly. Mr. Monopoly? Haha, are you blowing Mr. Peanut again?

Hit the jump for three more shots. There's a sad giant somewhere.




Scrotal Sack: The New "It" Bag [trenddelacreme]

Thanks to Jacqueline, who knows fashion when she sees it and this isn't it. This is just a purse that looks like balls.

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