The Masterpiece, It Nears Completion!: Avatar Tattoo Guy Gets Neytiri #6

August 4, 2010


Note: High-res shot HERE in case you're a concerned dermatologist.

Seen here proving symmetrically-sized tattoos are for backhairless pussies, Avatar tattoo guy just got finished getting Neytiri #6 (lower right). Per some comments he's posted on the Avatar fan board:

lol and yes being call mr avatar here at my work aswell oh you should show your co workers my back i wonder the opinions

as you see me and my back im going to be the only person on earth that will have there back fully done with neytiri and the navi pattern CRAZY well maybe but i dont care what people think

like i said im going for no white /freckles if i can

That's right folks, straight from the horse's Navi's mouth: he's going for 100% complete back coverage. Wow. Thanks, Avatar tattoo guy -- thanks for reminding us all to dream big. Or is it dream blue? Wet dream about big blue kitty-people? I can't cheat on the Smurfs!

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Thanks to Steve, who holding out on Avatar tattoos until the sequel comes out just in case more awesome characters are introduced. Smart thinking.

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