The Hops Holster, A 12-Pack Beer Bandolier

August 10, 2010


WANT. The Hops Holster holds twelve 12oz cans of liquid ammunition in their own individual koozies so you're ready to "shoot down" thirst at a moment's notice. Also works great for shotgunning(!) multiple beers in a row. Just saw "DRAW!" See what I did there?

Next time you're tailgating, camping or attending a BYOB party you can avoid those long, thirsty walks back to the cooler or the fridge by keeping a plethora of your favorite canned beers right on your chest. Warning: Wearing this holster may result in your friends using you as a human pack mule that exclusively carries beer.

Exclusively carries beer?! Then who's gonna bring the lube and condoms? NO LUBE OR CONDOMS?! What is this, a fraternity hazing? Count me in! (I already put the olive in my butt and everything)

Product Site
Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack [likecool]

Thanks to Bazooka Jill, who, does your name have anything to do with your breas-- no? Just checking.

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