The Fanciest Porta-John You'll Ever Not See

August 2, 2010


Despite my dapper Bond-like online persona, but I'm not really a very classy guy. Shocking, I know. I eat off the floor up to a minute after something's been dropped, I rarely change out of the same clothes I slept in (often in the back of my car), and I pee on the street more often than on the floor next to a toilet. I drove through Beverly Hills yesterday and, no lie, they asked me to leave. Anyway, maybe you are classy. And, if so, maybe you need a $15K porta-john trailer for your next wedding reception.

each one of these $15,000 porta-potties is the size of a trailer, and comes complete with urinals, stalls, fully working sinks with hot water, and even a stereo system to pipe in some tunes.

The toilets are even porcelain and everything. It looks more like the kind of setup you'd see at a hotel, not at a wedding.

Geez, why not just go the extra mile and install individual catheters at the reception? You won't even have to stop dancing to pee -- just make sure the tube's still connected to the bag strapped to your leg and piss away. I repeat: MAKE SURE THE TUBE'S STILL CONNECTED TO THE BAG. Trust me, there's nothing more embarrassing than draining your snake on the dance floor ONTO THE ACTUAL DANCE FLOOR. I turned that Electric Slide into a Slip-n-Slide. Somebody's grandma broke a hip!

$15,000 porta-potties are WAY nicer than your bathroom [dvice]

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