Tell Me They're Talking Mice: South Wales Drops $290,000 On Overhead Mouse Bridges

August 27, 2010


South Wales has built three mesh bridges to help protect the threatened dormouse (save it for the titmouse, God!) from being mushed by passing cars. Now listen: I'm all for the protection of animals from human expansion, but $300K? I'm pretty sure we could have come up with something cheaper. Namely, a mouse monorail. What? Of course I stole the idea from Disney World!

They believe the interconnecting passages, which are suspended from 20ft wooden poles, will keep mice away from traffic when the full £90million Church Village bypass between Pontypridd and Talbot Green opens next month.

But critics have said the cost of the project is 'obscene' and have accused the council of getting its priorities wrong.

Fiona McEvoy, from the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: 'They may have good intentions but this bill is unjustifiably large and in these straitened times they should have explored less expensive ways of protecting these creatures.'

$300,000 for three crappy bridges? Some contractor just laughed his gold-plated pants all the way to the bank. Just sayin', my apartment complex has nicer playground equipment and I guarantee they didn't spend over $2,000. Shit, for $300K I could have build every mouse in the country it's own f***ing jetpack. West? Pfft, Fievel's headed to the f***ing moon!

What a waste! Taxpayers foot £190,000 bill as bridge opens over busy bypass... for DORMICE [dailymail]
Image of the Day: $290,000 bridges built just for mice [dvice]

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