Surprised, Why Am I Not?: Star Wars Yoga

August 19, 2010


These are a few Star Wars themed yoga poses because, dammit, a Jedi doesn't stay limber huffing The Force alone. No, they have to actually exercise to stay fit. Except Yoda, he just drinks swamp water and lets internal parasites do all the work (smart thinking, prune).

This was all from the mind of Matthew Latkiewicz, who posted it on his personal site You Will Not Believe last year.

Besides the ridiculously awesome positions, and their names, there's also e-mail correspondents between George Lucas and Steve Jones (Senior VP, LucasFilm Marketing and Brand Strategy). The e-mails are intended to convince Lucas into endorsing a Star Wars brand of yoga.

I'm thinking that your atypical Star Wars fan couldn't pull these moves off. But, maybe they'll start taking some yoga to get them warmed up after seeing the pics.

As a man who's actually attended a yoga class before, I've got to admit: I think it's something I could really get into I farted so loud it cleared the room. They even canceled the abs class after!

Hit the jump for a whole bunch more poses.











Star Wars Yoga [youwillnotbelieve]
Even Geeks Need To Exercise: Star Wars Yoga [amog]

Thanks to Piper, Troy, Jacquie and Romeo, who all attend yoga classes but only on the days they get to use the big bouncy balls.

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