Smash Bros. + Fight Club = Smash Club?

August 16, 2010


Note: I had to cut the picture so it would still be big enough to see click HERE to see the whole, unadulterated version.

This is the first in a series of pictures by Flickr user Robotpencil (he'll stab you) that mashup the Smash Bros. and Fight Club universes. As you can see, Mario is about to get his ass handed to by Donkey Kong like a bushel of overripe bananas. The first rule of Smash Club is you don't talk about that time you put me in a choke-hold and rested your balls between my eyes Samus Aran and Princess Zelda are mine. That's right, I don't even want you looking at them. That goes for you too, wonk-eye, now put on this eyepatch. Cuuute, you look like a pirate. Now -- give us your best 'ARRRRGH!' No? Cool, then you're first to fight -- you'll be battling Bowser and Ganon at the same time. You hear that, guys? This little pirate just said you two couldn't boss your way out of wet paper bags. "ARGH!" Haha -- too late now, Blacknbluebeard!

Robotpencil's DeviantART

Thanks to hamiwill and Georgia, who both considered getting into the whole MMA fighting scene before realizing they like their blood where it is: on the inside.

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