Sikorsky X2: The World's Fastest Helicopter

August 3, 2010


Pfft, and you thought your helicopter was fast. YOUR HELICOPTER IS SLOW. My Neon goes faster than your helicopter! Just kidding, I drive an Explorer. And it's twice as fast. Plus has torpedoes and razor-blade hubcaps.

The Sikorsky X2 isn't even a finished vehicle yet and it's already broken the rotorcraft speed record of 249 mph set in 1986 -- though just barely. Then again, at 258 mph, the X2 is just getting started.

The first thing anyone notices about the X2 -- Sikorsky, it's worth noting, was founded by rotorcraft pioneer Igor Sikorsky in 1925 -- is its double-decker, triple quadruple blade design. It's also got a six-bladed prop in the back, and it's all designed to give the craft excellent handling even at high speeds.

I didn't bother reading any of that, but based on the picture I assume the key to a faster helicopter is more rotors. Which is why I just offered to build the government a 180-blade roflcopter to the tune of 40 billion dollars. F***ing light-speed yo.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots of the copter in action.





Futuristic prototype helicopter promises to be world's fastest [dvice]

Thanks to Joseph, who refuses to ride in a helicopter without parachute pants on. You, uh, know that's not how those work, right?

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