Sadness: Childless Millionaires Build Robo-kid

August 17, 2010


Millionaire English couple Tony and Judie Ellis don't have any children. Or pets. What they do have is a robotic child they built themselves. You, uh, do know that makes you creepy as shit, right? But is that gonna stop me from hitting their rich asses up on Halloween? Hell no -- I heard they hand out full-size candy bars!

Their creation is so advanced it can tell jokes and keep its human parents up to date on their interests by scanning the internet.

As well as sophisticated voice recognition, Aimec sees through a single digital eye, allowing it to move freely around the house on its wheels, using an internal map of the house, or follow someone.

The inventor beams, with fatherly love in his eyes. 'Tell us a joke,' he commands.

'Okay,' says Aimec, 'Why did the robot act funny?' It hesitates and smiles. 'Because it had a screw loose!'

So is it a matter of time before robots take over?

The inventor laughs. 'No. That's not going to happen. But I did learn an important lesson early on - always put the on-off switch on the front.

'When I built my first robot, Herbie, in 1979, it didn't actually have an on-off switch, if you can believe that. One day it was serving drinks in the living room, and it suddenly went beserk.

'It dropped the drinks, drove through a coffee table, ripped up the wallpaper and drove through a door before I managed to wrestle it to the ground and shut it down.'

LOLWUT?! Because that's exactly what I need around the house. Listen, if I wanted my apartment destroyed I'd just get black-out angry drunk every night. Which -- haha, this place is a dump.

One more picture of little Aimac holding a potato after the jump.


The real A.I.: Childless millionaire builds 'intelligent robot' that sings Karaoke, laughs and tells jokes [dailymail]

Thanks to Gob, who -- best magic show ever, hands down. And to Christopher, who's never seen so many dead pigeons in his life.

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