Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose?: Ink Cartridge Art

August 24, 2010


Faith Pearson is an artist. An artist who made a bunch of little sci-fi scenes out of used ink cartridges. Now I know what you're wondering, "but why?" Good question, but why do people do anything? To get laid. For fame and fortune. I have no idea. Seriously, I wouldn't have even got out of bed this morning if it weren't on fire.

Hit the jump for four more. Not three, not five, four.





Amazing Artwork with Recycled Printer Cartridges [inkandmedia]
Sci-Fi Ink Cartridge Art [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Andy Man, who once spent an entire afternoon making a spaceship out of printers but got fired because it was at work.

  • This is incredible!! The Godzilla one is just too cool. It's amazing how some people can make art with what most of us see as disposable garbage. Who would have ever thought that ink cartridges could be used to replicate the Starship Enterprise. Unbelievable.

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