Because One Slice (And Heart Stent) Is Never Enough: Denny's New Fried Cheese Melt

August 13, 2010


Denny's, arguably the classiest place I've ever eaten, is rolling out a new $4 Fried Cheese Melt on the 24th to coincide with This Is Why You're Fat Day. WTF is a fried cheese melt? Gotdamn delicious, that's what.

"four fried mozzarella sticks and melted American cheese grilled between two slices of sourdough bread...served with French fries and a side of marinara sauce.

Damn that sounds delicious. And by delicious I mean "like you won't have a bowel movement for a week". Pound a couple before a long car trip and leave the diapers at home!

Denny's Fried Cheese Melt Pushes Gooey Cheese Tolerance To New Levels [consumerist]

Thanks to becca t, who agrees cheese makes everything better. Except milkshakes. You can't bring all the boys to the yard with a cheesy-ass shake!

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