One Ring Flame To Rule Ruin Them All: Matchstick Minas Tirith Is Completed

August 31, 2010


Remember Patrick Acton? Of course not, it's a forgettable name. But you may remember the full-scale nowhere near full-scale version of Minas Tirith he was building entirely out of matchsticks. Good lookin', Patrick. Now make one out of hair.

Acton's version of Minas Tirith is one of his biggest and most detailed matchstick models yet, as he has constructed his rendition of the tremendously ancient city that Tolkien says "appears hewn from the rock of Mount Mindolluin" in the White Mountains. Tolkien's fortress city is said to tower 700 feet above the Pelennor Fields in Middle Earth's land of Gondor. Acton's matchstick version of the seven-level city was started in 2007 and took nearly three years when completed in February 2010 [GW's note: woops]. The Minas Tirith model contains hundreds of city buildings and is topped with the Citadel, the Tree of Gondor, and the White Tower of Ecthelion.

Looks amazing, doesn't it? It does. And it'd look even more so on fire. Let's blaze the tree of Gondor up! Say -- you, uh, think it'll get high? Who cares, there's already elves and shit running around! OMG -- I just saw a bearded Oompa Loompa with a battle axe!

Hit the jump for several more unbelievable shots of the city.







Matchstick Marvels
Minas Tirith Built From Matches [bamkapow]

Thanks to Shea, Frank, FDSY and Paloma, who worked together to make a full-scale model of my wiener with nothing but matchsticks. Give it to me straight guys, what was the final count? Six, huh? I'll take it!

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