Okay -- I'll Pretend I'm A Sarlacc, You Throw All These Star Wars Cupcakes Down My Gullet

August 3, 2010


Note: Slightly larger image HERE.

These are some impressive looking Star Wars cupcakes by Flickr user lclllc. They kind of have a LEGO vibe to them but maybe that's just me. Also just me: a birthday on the 12th. Kidding, I'm sure there's at least two of us. But that's not the point, the point is I want cupcakes. And by cupcakes I mean an ice cream cake. And by ice cream cake I mean just a bowl of the chocolate cracklins that come in ice cream cakes. I'm going to eat them out of a bowl with milk just like cereal. Which -- HOLY SHIT. Hello, General Mills? Hold on to your Honey Nut Clusters, I'm bout to drop a Boo Berry bomb on your ass. You ready? Check it: ICE CREAM CAKE CRACKLINS CEREAL! Well -- did you just Cocoa Puff your pants or what? OMG, me too!

lclllc's Flickr
Amazing Star Wars Cupcakes [craftzine]

Thanks to Christina, who agrees I should get bonus journalistic integrity points for making sure all the cereals I used are, in fact, General Mills brand.

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