Oh -- You Wanted To See My Birthday Cake?

August 16, 2010


In case you haven't seen it because you're not a fan of Geekologie on Facebook (and therefore missing out on all the important life-lessons I have to bestow), this was my 29th birthday cake. It's a dinosaur. Specifically, it's a sugar cookie dinosaur. Atop an ice cream cake. What kind of ice cream cake? Hold on to your tits!

Hershey's chocolate cake and icing with Dreyer's Somoa Girl Scout Cookie ice cream and enough chocolate cracklins to choke a velociraptor.

Yes, yes I did just quote myself. And you know what? It felt awesome. Like the feeling right after you throw up to make room for more booze. The cake was crafted by my special lady-friend and just goes to show that, if you really put your mind to it, even you can find a girl who'll spend two days making a themed ice-cream cake while you sit around playing Red Dead Redemption and drinking. Except yours'll have a penis. Hoho, can't win em all!

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