Oh Hai Samus!: Sweet Live-Action Metroid Ad

August 26, 2010


This is an awesome live-action commercial for Metroid: Other M, which is dropping next week on the Wii. What's the other M? MOTHERBRAIN! Or maybe just mother. Or -- OR -- Moosetracks ice cream. Yes I just crushed a whole gallon and have the feeling it's gonna be a soupy stool day aside, great job with the commercial, guys. Also, I hope you know I was only kidding about the whole ice cream thing. It was Rocky Road.

Hit the jump for the must-see commercial, as well as two other worthwhile videos of Samus telling her backstory (with lots of old gameplay footage).


Samus's Birth:

Samus's Story:

Gameplay Footage:


Thanks to silvermidnight, who beat bronzemidnight by more than a full second.

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