Now That's A Niche Market: Zombie Dildos

August 25, 2010


WARNING: NSFW uncensored shot after the jump cannot be unseen I don't care how much you drink (I'm already past a gallon and can still see them when I close my eyes).

Zombi Art Dildos from Necronomicox (terrifying name BTW) are exactly what they sound like: fake zombie wieners. Each $195 rotting schlong is meticulously crafted and hand-painted to your sick-ass specifications.

This hand crafted and body safe (7-inch) silicone dildo is more detailed than any dildo you have ever seen before. The artists not only have sculpted an insane monstrosity for you from the influence of some of your favorite horror classics... but they also hand paint each dildo to give it personality, and gruesome reality. It is a labor of love to make these phalo-horrors, so they're not cheap. But they are, in 2 words, perfectly horrific.

Oh hell to the no! Listen guys: if you ever end up going home with a girl (unlikely, I know) and happen to see this thing poking its undead head out of her nightstand I want you to dive, DO NOT CRAWL, out the nearest window. Trust me: broken bones are nothing compared to what she was gonna do to you.

Follow the link if you've ever considered blindness as a lifestyle choice.

Product Site [NSFW]
Finally! Dildos for people with a zombie fetish. [albotas]

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