Not Cool: Frightening Robot Demonstration

August 30, 2010


This is a short video demonstrating Vecna Robotics' B.E.A.R. (Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot). It was allegedly designed to help carry wounded soldiers off the battlefield, but the video also shows its skill at smashing through doors, breaking car windows, lifting weights, picking up missiles and -- AND -- transforming/rolling out. Truly frightening. Reminds me of that scene in Forrest Gump where Lieutenant Dan gets his legs shot off in Vietnam and tells Forrest to leave him but Forrest won't because he's a stupid jerk and can't even respect a man's last wishes. THANKS A LOT, SIMPLETON. I'm so mad right now I could pack dat ass full of your own cocktail shrimp.

Hit the jump for a video of operation Shock 'n Awe Dismember in action (also available in HD!).

Vecna Technologies Official Site

Thanks to Jay, kitimatdude, Jose and frogmanandy, who would rather crawl in pain than be dragged by a robot in comfort.

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