Move Over, Paula Deen!: Deep-Fried Beer

August 27, 2010


That's right folks, deep-fried beer pockets. Finally, a reason to live again!

Ever since the inauguration five years ago of the Big Tex Choice Awards at the Texas State Fair, food vendors have been deep-frying the impossible in their pursuit of the Most Creative and Best Taste awards.

As the Dallas Morning News reports, the Fried Beer was the result of a painful process of trial and error for creator Mark Zamble. His initial efforts kept exploding once they hit the fryer, and he kept getting burned. Zamble has already applied for a patent and trademark for Fried Beer, which appears to be a pocket of pretzel dough filled with its signature beverage.

My God that sounds delicious. Scalding hot beer and fried pretzel dough all in one bite? It's like I won the culinary lottery. Quick Robin -- to the Fry-Daddy! And put some f***ing pants on, I'm not driving your ass to the ER in the Batmobile if you burn your wiener again. What? I've been drinking!

Fried Beer Comes to the Texas State Fair [slashfood]
State Fair Food: Deep-Fried Beer [abcnews]

Thanks to jediGK and Lucy, who tried deep frying a bottle of Cuervo with disastrous results. Hmm, are you sure the oil was up to temperature?

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