Mmmm, Meaty Skin-y: The KFC 'Skinwich'

August 18, 2010


Kentucky Fried Cruelty is allegedly testing a new sandwich at select stores. What kind of sandwich? Try "5 layers of fried chicken skin, lumped on a bun and topped with white american cheese and bacon." Mmmm, I can already feel my intestines trying to escape out my butthole. Per somebody who had the misfortune of trying one:

Nasty. The richness of all that fatty seasoned skin is totally overwhelming. It's also tongue-parchingly-salty.

I started to gag and got that "brushing the back of your tongue" feeling. Had to spit it out. In KFC's defense, the sandwich was luke-warm after taking the pics. But I doubt it would be much better hot.

With this latest move and the Double Down's success, KFC may be catching up to Hardees/BK in the "making sandwiches so nauseating they generate buzz" dept.

I don't know about you, but when I close my eyes and think "delicious", a pile of fried chicken skin is definitely in the top three. Okay, okay -- top ten. Thousand. Right behind a football.

Hit the jump for several more shots of the WTFery.




Taste Test: KFC's new 'Skinwich' [brainresidue]

Thanks to Matt, who ate two and still saved room for a side of slaw. That's muh boy!

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