Marvel Characters As Mega Men Characters

August 23, 2010


Note: This is only a few of the characters, click HERE to see the entire wide-ass graphic with a ton more sprite-y superheroes.

DeviantARTist suzuran went and created this giant montage of Marvel characters as Mega Man/Mega Man bosses. I thought it was fairly impressive. Granted I was clapping my ass off Saturday night watching a street performer bang on an upside-down bucket with a stick, so that might not be saying a lot. What is saying a lot is my roommate, which is why I just slammed the door in his face and turned my speakers up to 11.

suzuran's DeviantART
Mega Man Goes Marvel [unrealitymag]

Thanks to wesxninja, who was invited to join the X-Men but turned them down because their benefits package doesn't cover work-related injuries. Stop being such a cheap ass, Professor X! Just because you can't break a leg.

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