Man Shot In Head, Finds Out 5-Years Later

August 26, 2010


A Polish man was shot in the head on New Year's Eve 2005 and only recently discovered the bullet and had it removed. *no Polish jokes, no Polish jokes, no Polish jokes* HARD...TO...RESIST.

Robert Chojecki was partying on New Years Eve five years ago in the German town of Herne when he was hit with the .22-caliber bullet. Doctors removed it this week from between his skin and skull.

The Polish-born Chojecki told RTL television Wednesday he thought he'd been hit by fireworks, but later forgot about it.

He said at first he had "no pain, but approximately one year ago I started to get a headache."

Dude -- at one point there had to have been a bleeding hole in the back of your head, I'm just sayin'. That's something most people don't forget about. You, uh, you're a drinker, aren't you? BOOM -- everybody to the Mystery Machine, this case is closed.

Polish Man Shot In Head Thought He Had Been Hit By Fireworks [huffingtonpost]

Thanks to Phil and Argh, who have both been shot before and screamed and cried until the bullets were removed like normal damn people.

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