Laser Swords!: Every Lightsaber Ignition & Retraction From All Of Star Wars In 2:30

August 5, 2010


This is allegedly a video of every lightsaber ignition/retraction from all the Star Wars films (including the shitty ones). I say allegedly because I have no idea if it actually is and God knows I'm not going to spend the time to find out. Research: I don't do it. Now experimental drug testing, that's different. $20 and I'll eat any pill you give me provided it doesn't make my penis smell like sausage (I have two hungry dogs and I'm a heavy sleeper).

Hit the jump for the video.

Every Lightsaber Ignition And Retraction [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Ellen, who agrees the best one is when Luke is about to get pushed into the Sarlacc pit but then R2 shoots the lightsaber out of his head and Luke catches it and then starts royally f***ing s*** up on Jabba's sail barge plus Princess Leia is in her gold bikini and chokes out Jabba and his tongue is hanging out of his mouth and we were all left wondering what his breath must have smelled like.

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