It's Like Twilight For Guys: A Vampire Novel I Could Actually Sink My Teeth Face Into

August 18, 2010


Hell yes, Fangs for the Mammaries. You know what? This really got me thinking -- we should totally start a Geekologie book club! It'll be great! We'll all read the same book for a month, then get together to drink our literary faces off and fight about it. OMG -- how about that part where the female detective that was pretending to be a vampire took her bra off and started shooting steaks out of her nipples? I know, she caught Dracula right in the heart. The vampire king brought down by a porterhouse! Haha, what do you mean, "stakes, not steaks"? Shut up-- you probably didn't even read it! Admit it -- ADMIT YOU JUST WATCHED THE MOVIE!

Fangs For The Mammaries [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Little Sam Big Slam, who writes erotic vampire fiction for a living. Just not a very good living (here -- here's $40 before your water gets cut off again).

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