It's A New Naked Roller Coastering Record!, Or: How A Loopty-Loop Ruined My Johnson

August 9, 2010


In 'those are definitely not the people I want to see naked riding a roller coaster' news, there was a new nude coastering record set over the weekend in Essex, England, during a fundraiser for breast cancer. Wow, just imagine all those penises and boobies (link NSFW) floppin' around everywhere! I know, hypnotizing.

A total of 102 people met at Adventure Island in Southend to ride the Green Scream without clothes.

The rollercoaster ran three times to accommodate the bumper crowd of nudes, event organiser Tracy Jones said.

The naked riders raised £22,000 (~$35K) for Southend Hospital's breast care unit

Great job, guys. I love breasts and it breaks my heart to even see a single tit fall prey to cancer. GET EM CHECKED, LADIES. Early detection is the key. And, if you're not comfortable doing it yourself, get a friend to help. Breast friends forever!\

Naked rollercoaster 'record broken' in Essex [bbcnews] (with video report)

Thanks to Camille, who once rode a unicorn topless.

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