Is This The World's Longest Email Address?

August 16, 2010


Allegedly this is the world's longest active email address. Except it's not because I have the world's longest active email address. Plus tongue. Please send all future death threats to: hey-gw-im-trying-to-contact-you-so-please-return-my-email-and-dont-just-throw-this-away-even-though-i-know-youre-going-to-i-urg

Peter Craig just set the URDB world record for the longest active email address which is 345 characters in length.


TLDNR. But I did pass your address along to every purveyor of boner pills on the internet. What?! It wasn't hard.

The World's Longest Active Email Address (345 Characters) [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Liquid Tension, mario mouse and Kristina, who sent their tips via the postal service because they're smart enough to know electronic mail is the devil's work.

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