Is That The Exhaust Pipe?: Car Seller On eBay Accidentally Uploads Picture Of His Wiener

August 6, 2010


Note: Click HERE for the probably NSFW shot of the part of a wiener that connects to the body. What is that even called, the trunk?

Apparently a British man trying to sell his 1996 MG MFT on eBay accidentally uploaded a risque picture meant for his Craigslist man-seeking-anything ad. Hoho, sometimes sex doesn't sell, buddy!

This lunchtime, the semi-naked sports convertible owner wrote:

Please note one of the pictures uploaded was NOT meant to be!

I cant delete it (wish I could) apologies ,I feel some what embarrassed.

Now I hate to accuse this guy of blatant exhibitionism, but come on. Nobody accidentally includes pictures of their dingaling in an eBay action. Nice try though, pervert. No, the best way to sneak your junk onto eBay is with a super-closeup so people can't tell what they're looking at. Just be sure to include a view-counter for the auction so you know how many unsuspecting shoppers you subjected to your wiener. Oh, and for the 471 people that eBayed 'Heavy-Duty Wrecking Equipment' last week: those were my nuts!

eBay car vendor flashes wedding tackle [theregister]

Thanks to Rev Dr Dom, who's so drunk he can't even spell his last name anymore. Two O's!

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