iPhone Sticker Makes It Look Like Bill Cliton (Or George Bushoff) Is Perpetually Calling

August 18, 2010


Amazing Call iPhone 4 stickers are $10 stickers designed to go on the back of your iPhone and make it appear whoever's on the sticker (i.e. God) is constantly calling. Alternatively, the stickers can be placed on the front of your phone to render it useless.

Choose Einstein, Obama, Lenin or even some chick in a bikini. This is the kind of pure genius accessory that could only come directly from Hong Kong.

The wacky designers at Amazing Calling will even custom print the "call from image" of your choice. But why use your own image when you can have former president "Cliton" protecting the back of your new iPhone 4.

Awesome. I'm gonna get one that says "Your Momma" and has a picture of the Kool-Aid man. Get it? Because she's a good source of vitamin C juicy.

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This Amazing iPhone 4 Sticker Will Stimulate Your Imagination [iphonesavior]

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