I'm Cool With A Stump: Steampunk Terminator Arm Actually A Real Victorian Prosthetic

August 31, 2010


When I first saw this thing I assumed it was just some steampunky arm somebody made because they're obsessed with Edward Scissorhands and all around creepy and girls love guys that are creepy (I wanna lick on yo armpits, lady!). Except not really because I have no idea what girls like except flowers and jewelry. They love those things. Everything else is up in the air as far as I know. Anyways, an actual turn-of-the-century prosthetic arm. It's barely noticeable.

Made from steel and brass, this unusual prosthetic arm articulates in a number of ways. The elbow joint can be moved by releasing a spring, whereas the top joint of the wrist allows a degree of rotation and an up-and-down motion. The fingers can also curl up and straighten out. The leather upper arm piece is used to fix the prosthesis to the remaining upper arm. The rather sinister appearance of the hand suggests the wearer may have disguised it with a glove. Among the most common causes of amputation throughout the 1800s were injuries received as a result of warfare.

Yeah I would have just rocked a stump. I mean frightening replacement arms are cool and all, but no they're not either and God forbid you pick your nose or try holding your penis while you're peeing. Dude -- you're pissing blood...
...is that a piece of your penis in the urinal?

Hit the jump for a couple closeups of the hand.



Artificial right arm, Europe, 1850-1910 [sciencemuseum]
Victorian Prosthetic Arm--No, No, No, No, No [gizmodo]

Thanks to letseatlunch, who, great idea -- I think I saw some Doritos under my car seat.

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