If Historical Events Had Facebook Pages

August 19, 2010


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What if historical events had Facebook pages? I'd have a lot more friends, that's what! Psyche, they probably wouldn't even accept my requests. THE BLACK PLAGUE DOESN'T EVEN WANT TO BE FRIENDS? WTF?! Oh my God, it's happened -- I'm officially a loser. Kidding! It's been official for years. I swear, one day I'm gonna move out of this basement and really make something of myself. And not a crash-test dummy either, although I am open to that if the money's good. I call the trunk!

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If Historical Events had Facebook Statuses [coolmaterial]

Thanks to Marcos and teknikflickan, who're convinced the government sends them top secret spy intel through their mini-feeds. Okay, you two are officially crazy (WTF are you doing -- don't blow our cover!).

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