I Swear To God, If My Chips Get Stuck Again: Japan's New Touchscreen Vending Machines

August 11, 2010


Japan, best known for freaky sexual fetishes and being hellbent on destroying the planet with robots, is now rolling out these fancy touchscreen vending machines. Hey -- I don't see any panties on that screen!

A new touchscreen machine called the aCure has just been installed in the bustling Shinagawa Station in Tokyo, and it's already been attracting a crowd. Featuring the huge slew of various beverages that salarymen are used to, it doesn't do anything particularly novel. But it sure looks awesome, and it's flashy.

Pfft, you think I won't beat on it just because it has a touchscreen? You're wrong. My Flamin' Hot Cheetos don't drop and that thing's gonna wish it was out of f***ing order! Just sayin', you ever seen a man dropkick a vending machine like a soccer ball before? Well you'll have to wait, because I'm just gonna cry and get my arm stuck in the chute.

Japan gets crazy touchscreen vending machines [dvice]

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